Placemaking Week in Athens, Ohio
Placemaking Week in Athens, OH is a weeklong series of activities (lectures, brainstorms, workshops) for students and the local community.
During Placemaking Week an interactive and inspiring public space near the Armory was created by students and local community. The first event was held March 25 to 31, 2019.
Through Placemaking Week activities, we started the conversation about placemaking and how our community can work together now and in the future to improve public spaces across the city of Athens.

Placemaking Week Results
Together we have created an Armory Park with a mural, art wall, interactive wall, kids area, "integrated table-chair-combo", table, bookshelf, magic tree, little garden with strawberries, greens and flowers.
Everyone is welcome to use this public space and to contribute to Park further development. Thank you!
Armory Park Opening
Armory Park Creation
Documentary about Placemaking
Do you want to know how this place was created? Why Placemaking is important for our communities? What challenges did the team face during the project implementation? Short documentary about it is coming soon!
Documentary team: Alec Hillyer, Nadzeya Ilkevich, Bart Kuraga, Quintin Schomaker
Meet the team
Nadzeya Ilkevich
Graduate student in Communication and Development program at Ohio University. Holds MA in Cultural Management and has 10 year experience in community organizing, cultural projects producing.
Nikolai Rubanovskii
Fulbright student in Communication and Development program at Ohio University with extensive international volunteer and community development experience in Russia, Spain, Italy and USA
Gaone Manatong
Communications and Development masters candidate at Ohio University. Worked on behavioral change, brand development, and social marketing projects in Botswana.
Zoe Zralik
Specialized Studies senior student at Ohio University. Co-organizer of global breakfast lecture series called CreativeMornings/Athens, concept creator and creative project manager.
Katharina Simo
Working and commission based artist. As an OU alumni holds BA from the College of Fine Arts.
Luke A. Black
Athens MakerSpace manager, fixer, teacher is working toward bringing professional tools and craft skills to the Southeastern Ohio communities through hands on classes and a community work space known as Athens Ohio MakerSpace.
Thanks a lot to our partners!
Thanks to amazing Athens Community!
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